Composite Shingle Roof Installation

At Top This Construction, believe in shingle roofing, and composite shingle roofing can be an excellent choice for your property. Composite shingle roofs are comprised of a mixture of commonly used roofing materials such as asphalt and fiberglass. Composite shingles have several fantastic benefits that set them aside as roofing materials, as they are fire resistant and do not experience problems with moisture, which can come in handy during the muggy Chattanooga summers!

Our manufacturers can provide high quality composite roofing shingles that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be highly mold resistant and won’t experience algae growth, unlike some other inferior roofing materials.

Composite shingles also have the advantage that if they are damaged, they can be replaced individually. Composite roofing does not experience cracks, splits, peeling or warping and comes in a variety of colors that make them easy on the eye. They are a very versatile choice and we highly recommend them!

Our team at Top This Construction have 20 years experience installing shingle roofs locally, many of which have been composite shingle. Our reliable Roofers are capable of efficiently installing a new composite shingle roof onto your home in a timely and efficient manner!

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