Flat Roofing Installation


Flat roofing is a fantastic cost-effective choice for any homeowner or business owner. Whilst not as attractive as sloped roofing, there are plenty of advantages to flat roofing as well! Flat roofing is accessible for times when it’s needed, allowing for an easier installation of solar panels and for easier repairs.

Flat roofs tend to be built at a slight angle to assist with drainage. They can be an asset when it comes to saving space, allowing for you to place things like conditioning units on them. Some people even install rooftop gardens to augment their living spaces with a beautiful scenic touch!

Flat roofing tends to be mostly utilized in commercial properties, where interior space counts! Our team at Top This Construction has many years in the trade of installing flat roofs in and around Chattanooga! If you are thinking about getting one installed on your property, contact us today!

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