One of the worst things that can happen in your home is to discover that your roof is leaking. Damp and water can create horrendous amounts of damage within your house so it’s always something worth addressing quickly. Here in Chattanooga where the weather can be pretty chaotic at times, it’s always worth having a look at your roof if there has been a serious storm or tornado and getting a professional to look it over can be a good idea. You never know when something that could appear quite minor can come back to bite you if not properly addressed.


Here in Chattanooga we tend to experience hot, muggy summers along with short winters which can be very cold and wet. These can also have an affect on your roofing depending on what kind of roofing you have, some being more susceptible to damage than others. Most roofs tend to last between 15 to 30 years on average depending on the quality of the roofing materials and the workmanship performed in affixing them to your house.


When you discover a leak, you should take the initiative and address the problem quickly as the longer you leave it before dealing with the problem, the more damage there can be to your home. If you leave a leak too long, you may experience anything from various types of mold, damaged ceilings, rotting framing, structural damage, ruined carpets and insulation among other things. This can end up being very expensive to repair or replace. 


At Top This Construction, we have dealt with a large amount of problems caused by leaking roofs, and have the experience to ensure that they are fixed in an efficient and timely manner ensuring that any damage to your home will be minimized. We usually cover the areas within 50 miles of Chattanooga where our headquarters is based and also within 50 miles of Nashville and Knoxville TN.


In our trade we have met many people who have occasionally tried DIY to fix their damaged and leaking roofs. There are a few good reasons to avoid fixing the damage yourself. 


1: Roofing Can Be Dangerous Work.


Despite the fact there are many people who have been up on roofs before and done a decent repair job in the process, we come across incidents time and again where people have attempted to fix relatively minor damage but have experienced falls leading to injury, maybe slipping on loose tiles. Tool injuries from equipment can be quite common as well, especially if people are not wearing the proper protective equipment. Heat exposure can be horrible with the muggy summers we get here in Chattanooga, and sometimes even electrocution can pose a threat, say with a metal ladder coming into contact with a power line. When hiring a professional roofing contractor like Top This Construction, we know and understand the risks and will always provide a quality repair job on your shingle roofs.


2: Sometimes The Problem Is More Complicated Than It Seems.


Many times we have experienced situations where someone has attempted a DIY job on their roof only to find out that the repair job did not have the desired effect. Sometimes, the leaks can persist, causing massive damage to property and allowing problems like mold and structural damage to spread. Experienced professional roofers will be able to spot and fix issues that you may not, which may end up saving tens of thousands of dollars in repairs later down the line.


3: Is DIY Really Cheaper?


A lot of the time, people believe that DIY can be more cost effective than hiring a professional to fix something. When it comes to roofing, our experience has proven time and again that we can save people money when it comes to roof repairs. We have a large network of contacts and can procure quality materials quickly and efficiently allowing us to sort problems before they become a serious issue. As time and reliability are of the utmost importance in getting a leaking roof fixed, you will want an exemplary service, rather than a patch up job that you may need to fix whenever it rains. At Top This Construction, we will always endeavour to ensure that our work will provide you with a great and professional service at a reasonable price.


My Roof Is Leaking!


If you discover that your roof is leaking please get in contact with us as soon as possible we are always happy to help our fellow Chattanoogians and everyone within our local area. No matter what the situation, we will always give you a fantastic service when it comes to roofing. We are happy to discuss with you the best ways of sorting out any problems quickly and efficiently and at a price that, is above all else, reasonable.


Have an amazing day!

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